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Six noteworthy new phenomena in the home furnishing industry in 2018

from October to November 2018, beautiful home furnishing frequently channeled with local we media talent and popular blogger KOL (key opinion leader) through live shopping or product evaluation. In the way of online live broadcast, the anchor led the audience to visit the model room in the store, try out the furniture, watch the smart home, etc., and also check the real construction site to understand the details of the construction on the spot

according to the statistics of beautiful home, the live broadcast of shopping has reached nearly 2million total readers, while the live broadcast of each site can create more than 1million live views. The purpose of launching this method is to change the disadvantages of boring and complicated traditional home decoration, shorten the distance between enterprises and consumers, improve consumers' personal participation, and be more "grounded". During the live broadcast, Liang household will provide exclusive discounts and bring cost-effective products, which will improve customer conversion rate on the one hand and increase customer viscosity on the other hand

phenomenon 2: IP drainage case: Quanyou home next to "Yanxi strategy"

"Yanxi strategy" can be said to be the hottest TV series in 2018. In September, Quanyou home created six theme living rooms at the "sofa Art Exhibition" in combination with the characters of the ladies in the drama. Among them, the living room of Princess Xian combines her double-sided character, the blue sofa shows her gentle and pleasant character, and the large poster of the deep palace shows the ambition of Princess Xian; The living room of the imperial concubine combines its astute character, selects the blue tone, adds pink, purple and white, and adds a touch of innocence and composure while being smart

it is understood that Quanyou household uses food grade calcium carbonate to convey the comfort of sofa, color matching and personalization of classic design, and advocates consumers to pay attention to the choice and matching of sofa. And through diversified marketing, shaping brand image and improving product manufacturing standards can greatly improve the anti fatigue ability of these metals and help quality life

phenomenon 3: molandi color series case: Kefan home 2019 first season new product

2012, press the shift and landing button. On December 9, 2019, Kefan home released the first season of 2019 "colorism" new product, integrating the recently popular "molandi color series", such as cyan astringent powder, silver moon grey, red ink red, misty rain green, Taihu blue, etc. this color series has the characteristics of low saturation, which can create a soft, calm, light home feeling, Present a visual feast of "colorism" and enhance the association between Kefan and design

in fact, design has always been Kefan's distinctive label. New products play with color matching to meet the popular labels in the market, making the "color + storage" Kefan brand design feature more intuitive

phenomenon 4: prefabricated home decoration case: Zhai Keli interior decoration industrialization 4.0

in September 2018, Zhai Keli promoted the building interior decoration industrialization 4.0 project, and industrialized decoration 4.0 was applied to the whole industrial chain of home decoration, following unified technical and process standards. Through the management system platform, the front end carries out personalized product design according to needs, and the back end carries out production and installation according to product data. Carry out fine chemical industrialized production of household products. The whole process intelligent management chain from design chain, manufacturing chain, supply chain to service chain provides customers with personalized and traceable whole process services

it is reported that Zhai Keli has been building a core think tank of prefabricated housing technology and construction methods, enabling the industrialization of building interior decoration with advanced prefabricated housing architecture system and logic. By integrating the research results of the CSP construction product R & D and production base of China Architectural Design Institute on the interior decoration industrialization over the years, we will carry out the fine chemical industrialization production of household products, and strive to realize "it is as simple to repair a house as to assemble a car" in the home decoration industry

phenomenon 5: new retail case: HEMA fresh food opened into the incredibly home drainage

in August 2018, HEMA fresh food officially signed a contract with the incredibly home north 2nd ring store, which is the first store of the incredibly home and HEMA cooperation, covering an area of more than 4300 square meters, with a total of more than 7000 products in the store. According to reports, the store began trial operation on July 28, and the trading volume on the first day exceeded 500000 yuan

the settlement of HEMA fresh food in the North Second Ring Road store is the landing of the transformation of home from a big home to a big consumer. In the future, it will also realize the combination of children's education, fitness and beauty and other business forms. The cooperation between HEMA fresh and incredibly home is to meet the dual needs of some users for "food" and shopping to a certain extent, and provides a solution for consumers' yearning and needs for a better life

phenomenon 6: case of competing for smart home outlet: Xiaomi and IKEA "hand in hand"

on November 28, 2018, Xiaomi and IKEA announced that they would reach a strategic cooperation on smart lighting devices. It is reported that this is the first cooperation between the two countries. IKEA is a giant in the home furnishing industry, but it is also a laggard in the development of intelligence. While Xiaomi is the leader of IOT intelligent ecological chain, it lacks IKEA's global influence. The weaknesses of the two sides are each other's strengths, "hand in hand" can complement the weaknesses of both sides

in fact, the most obvious intention of Xiaomi's cooperation with IKEA in 2017 is to enter the smart home market and seize market share. IKEA has laid out smart home as early as three years ago, but with little effect. In addition, the competitors, fanzhijia and red star Macalline, cooperated with Alibaba and Tencent respectively to seize the smart home market. In this case, IKEA chooses to cooperate with Xiaomi, which can take advantage of Xiaomi's intelligent technology to make up for the lack of intelligent hardware and enter the smart home market

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